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                           Working title: Political Maze
                           Cartoonist: Yonatan Frimer, Resume
                           Notes: Each cartoon is also a maze.
                                        Click images to view maze solutions & higher resolutions.

maze cartoon of road to peace or war motorcycle

maze cartoon bullet queen of hearts

ipad by bill gates microsoft

maze of obama change

maze cartoon lion tigers and bears

Maze cartoon of erdogan on flotilla and armenian genocide

maze cartoon flat tire middle east

Eyjafjallajökull volcano in ice land europe ash cloud

JFK vs Obama on NASA

economy of greece maze cartoon

how the tea party started maze

cartoon maze of psychedelic hamas smuggling tunnel, by Yonatan Frimer

maze cartoon of midnight for gilad shalit at the colosseum

maze cartoon of reaper predator border drone

maze cartoon of afghanistan sports analogy

maze cartoon of peace and war mongers

This is your brain on financial reform

maze cartoon palestinian authority hungry hippo

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