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STOM Research
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maze comics, team of monkeys go home

STOM Research

STOM Research is the name of the organization that is responsible for the development of Team Of Monkeys. While the actuality of STOM Research cannot be confirmed nor denied. there are several fact that remain undeniable:

  • STOM Research is about 10-15 years technologically advanced from the present.
  • STOM Research was founded by the late Dr. Otto N. Verbraucher, a highly respected scientist in the research specific to animal training.
  • As Dr. Keith Nanwood put it, "STOM Research is to Monkey Training as NASA is to Space Travel."
  • STOM Research was dealt a severe blow by the embargo's set upon by the Obama administration on North Korea, however, they remain strong and have found legal loopholes to continue their research.

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