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maze comics, team of monkeys go home

About Team Of Monkeys, Maze Comics

Who invented the Team Of Monkeys Maze Comics concept?
Team Of Monkeys started out many years ago as a half baked idea of Yonatan Frimer and RSL. The concept has evolved over the years into a very popular maze-comics. Imagine for a moment that an organization was able to really train monkeys to work well in teams to the point where they could do very advanced work..... and now all they needed to do was create a good marketing campaign....Thats the premise of Team Of Monkeys, marketing material for why you should get a team of monkeys and what they are capable of doing

What is the background story of team of monkeys?
While there are areas of dispute in this specific matter, the agreed upon facts are that Team Of Monkeys is a division of STOM Research, which is a fictitious multi-conglomerate that has the most advanced scientific achievements. One of their more famous achievements is the well trained team of monkeys and the maze comics are their marketing material.

Can I buy my own team of monkeys:
We won't say that you can't, but we will only wish you luck. Team of Monkeys is for entertainment purposes only and we would not recommend you subject monkeys to such treatment or attempt to train them as that would be regarded as inhumane.

Other questions?
Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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